Residential HVAC Service

A Raleigh and Cary homeowner has a choice of Air Heat Raleigh HVAC service plans. You can get a heating repair, heat pump maintenance or have your ac unit diagnosed. We want to make HVAC maintenance easier for Raleigh and Cary homeowners, so we respectfully address all of your heating, cooling, HVAC plumbing service or electrical repair needs for you. While doing HVAC home warranties we notice that in Raleigh and Cary they don’t cover your AC coil leak, heat pump repair or a cracked heat exchanger as part of the gas furnace service.

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Cary and Raleigh AC Unit Service

Residential Air Conditioning Service

First, we make sure that your heat pump thermostat, ac unit air and fan motor run precisely. Secondly, we inspect the HVAC electrical parts and AC capacitor to ensure that your split air conditioner is reliable. Next, we examine your Freon pressures so that you don’t need an additional air conditioning repair. Then, we evaluate the air conditioner, HVAC coil and AC drain line. Finally, we monitor the AC compressor to be sure that it is dependable and that your air conditioning system will work efficiently.

HVAC Service

Air Heat Raleigh air conditioning service is locally owned and operated. We endeavor to save you money by keeping you aware of your HVAC warranty parts maintenance deadline. We hook up our AC gauges to your air conditioning systems to read your Freon charge levels. Your HVAC service maintenance involves checking the filter replacement, fan capacitor, Freon charge, thermostat installation and compressor. We check Raleigh and Cary resident’s air conditioners cooling performance, examine your ac coils and check your HVAC drain lines.

AC Coil Replacement

Ceiling damage from coil leak
  • End costly Freon recharges
  • Prevent AC ceiling damage
  • HVAC warranty in Raleigh
  • AC system air lasts longer
  • Save on energy bill in Cary
  • Affordable HVAC coil

Gas Fireplace Service

  • Raleigh Fireplace repair
  • Standing Pilot
  • Fireplace maintenance
  • Gas fireplace and heat
  • Fireplace won’t light
  • Fireplace parts

Cary and Raleigh Residential Heating Repair

Furnace Repair and Heat Service

We are universally certified HVAC technicians who trouble shoot the gas heat ignition sequence and efficiency of your furnace. Our Cary and Raleigh residential furnace repair is thorough because we check your Heat Exchanger, Gas Pack and Gas Furnace. Air Heat Raleigh heating repair, thermostat operation, and fan motor capacitor are other things we will address. We can help you when you have a no heat call and poor heat transfer within your home.

Family Heat Pump Maintenance

The ability to utilize an HVAC parts warranty saves you a lot of money. Many of my Air Heat Raleigh heat pump customers in Raleigh and Cary are unaware of the benefits of a heating and air conditioning maintenance. Many times the HVAC fan motor, HVAC Compressor and HVAC coil replacement parts are under warranty. Often, the heating maintenance is not completed; as a result, the furnace warranty parts expire. We simply charge you for the heating repair and you save money on your heat pump parts.