Heating Repair

Heating and Air Conditioning System

Carrier, Payne and Lennox are very good Raleigh HVAC heating units because they are well designed. A heating and air thermostat activates these quiet heating and cooling systems. Air heat Raleigh heating and air is focused on providing HVAC coil replacement, Freon charge and fan motor service. You will immediately notice the difference in heating air pressure when you install a new Raleigh heat and air package unit system.

Raleigh HVAC Heat Repair

When there is no heat coming from your Raleigh heat pump, we check Freon charge and fan motor service. Air Heat Raleigh heating repair looks at the blower motor capacitor and the furnace to see why it’s not heating. Our Raleigh heating services are good deals on AC Freon repair and Freon charging service. Air Heat Raleigh offers the best heating service that you can buy and the AC coil replacements are of high quality too.

Raleigh HVAC furnace service

This HVAC unit has a furnace, AC coil and an air conditioning condenser. Air Heat Raleigh furnace repair service is part of the heating service to check your furnace board, HVAC electrical and heat exchanger. When temperature varies from its setting you may need a thermostat replacement or Raleigh HVAC fan motor service. Air Heat Raleigh heating adds value to our Cary and Raleigh customers.

Raleigh Furnace Maintenance

Many of our Cary and Raleigh customers perform heating maintenance on their furnaces each fall to prevent hazardous carbon monoxide dangers. Air Heat Raleigh services your furnace inducer draft motor and replaces the heat exchanger. We provide thermostat replacement service, fan motor and furnace board heat services, too.

Fireplace Repair

Raleigh and Cary homes have a gas fireplace to provide additional heat. We repair fireplaces when the burners won’t light. Air Heat Raleigh smells for gas, repairs the gas line and lights the fireplace pilot. Fireplaces provide you with extra heating for the drafty rooms and emergency heat if the furnace stops working.

Air Heat Raleigh Benefits

Thermostat heating service and HVAC coil replacement are reasonably priced. Air Heat Raleigh Furnace Maintenance and Fireplace Service are more advantages you get. Call us if your furnace doesn’t heat or your HVAC unit has failed.

  • HVAC commercial repair
  • Heating service
  • Freon charge
  • Split air conditioner
  • Heat pump service
  • Compressor replacement
  • Fan motor
  • Furnace repair