Furnace Repair

Heat Pump vs Furnace Heating Repair

Air Heat Raleigh heating repair expertly services heat pumps and furnaces. A pro of a heat pump is that it only uses two pieces of HVAC equipment. A con of mild winter Raleigh heat pumps are that the air is not as warm as a gas furnace. A pro of a furnace is that the warm radiant heat feels better than a heat pump. A con of a furnace is that you will need to maintain three pieces of HVAC equipment. Different thermostats service Raleigh furnaces and Heat Pump.

Air Heat Raleigh Furnace Repair

A common heating problem of a gas furnaces is a faulty heat exchanger. It rusts out the inducer motor and requires an Air Heat Raleigh HVAC coil replacement. We focus on properly doing your furnace repair and use factory replacement parts. Raleigh HVAC repair specializes in furnace repair of fan motor, furnace boards and thermostat replacement service.

Raleigh Heating and HVAC repair

You may need a thermostat replacement during the winter heating season because your furnace wont heat. Air Heat Raleigh does HVAC coil replacements because freon recharge heating service can cost you a lot of money. We give you a good deal on AC freon repair and fan motor replacement. Our Cary and Raleigh homeowners don’t have to worry about inflated heat or heating service repair costs.

Raleigh Heat Pump Repair

An Air Heat Raleigh heat pump repair is needed for a noisy HVAC fan motor. Raleigh HVAC heating service offers our Cary Heat Pump Customers affordable heating repair of freon charge and compressor installation. Air Heat Raleigh heat pump service is value focused and will give you peace of mind. You do not need a thermostat replacement if you have ice on your heating coil.

Raleigh HVAC Heating Service

We can repair several different heating problems. Whether you have a gas furnace with a bad heat exchanger or need a circuit board replaced, we can help you. Air Heat Raleigh heating repair, furnace and heat pump service are as efficient as possible. Heating service is necessary, if you have no warm air and your house is cold.

Raleigh Heating Service Problems

Common heating problems are the furnace shuts off during the night or furnace cycles off and on with no hot air. Your Raleigh or Cary furnace repair may include a heat exchanger, fan motor or furnace circuit board. Regular Air Heat Raleigh heating maintenance service of your heating system, heat pump, thermostat, Freon and capacitor can prevent heating problems.

Heating repair Raleigh
Heating Repair Raleigh
Furnace Repair Cary
Furnace Repair Cary
Furnace Heating Repair
Furnace Heating Repair

Cary and Raleigh Furnace Safety

A Raleigh furnace is an efficient heating and air system to own; however, a gas furnace must be maintained to prevent carbon monoxide hazards. Air Heat Raleigh does furnace safety inspections in Cary to examine the heat exchanger and furnace efficiency. We make sure that your furnace heats the house without shutting off. We may recommend a Cary or Raleigh homeowner get a new heating system if your furnace is too dangerous to operate.

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