Freon Replacement

In the early days of Heating and Air Conditioning, R-12 was used. It contained so many carbon atoms that the EPA slowly phased it out. R-22 Freon gradually replaced R-12, but it has come under scrutiny by the Government’s Green Energy organizations, too. The sun seems to be getting hotter and Greenhouse Gases are getting trapped in our atmosphere. There are two huge holes in the ozone layer; scientists believe that they are caused by coal, automobiles and R22 Freon. R-22 is being done away with just like R-12 Freon.

Freon Charge

A few years ago, the Government offered homeowners rebates to install 410A units. Recently, I priced R-22 Freon at HVAC parts stores and it was $600 a jug. R-22 Freon services are more expensive today because less of it is being produced. Replacement Freon’s are available; however, a Freon recharge with R-22 is usually the best option for R-22 units. 410A Freon will not work inside of an R-22 split air conditioning system. There are many new HVAC system installation options available to homeowners and they come with extended warranties.

Freon Service

I began working with 134A and 404A refrigerant at a food vending company. The small refrigerant coolers needed Freon service and repair. Then, I went into the residential HVAC industry, where I learned how to charge 410A and R22 Freon as part of a tune up. Afterwards, I learned how to charge Freon in commercial rooftop units and how to repair lg air conditioners. Now, Air Heat Raleigh services and repairs most brands of Heating and Air equipment.

A 410A unit install should be done by an expert who is allowed to run the job. Late adopters are learning the hard way that they need a reliable 410A heat pump unit to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It can be difficult to find heat pump parts on an older ac unit. Air Heat Raleigh is able to offer our customers affordable Freon services.

Freon Service