HVAC Service

What does HVAC mean?

HVAC is an abbreviation of the words heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The term does not clearly define all HVAC systems. For example, you may have a split air conditioner and a furnace. This type of HVAC unit has three pieces of heating and air conditioning equipment. On the other hand, you could have an HVAC package unit. It contains all of your heating and air components with the exception of the duct work.

HVAC Service

We offer excellent HVAC service because we attend technical schools and follow current industry events. The weekly HVAC ICOR magazines online website keeps Air Heat Raleigh informed about HVAC service and maintenance. For example, R22 replacement training lets us know best recycle and EPA guidelines to service your HVAC. We reference AHRI trade association HVACR standards for their independent product evaluations.

Cary HVAC Repair

Air Heat Raleigh checks your HVAC warranty so that you will save some money on you HVAC repair. Sometimes, HVAC units in Cary have a fan that won’t come on so we find a bad HVAC capacitor. On other occasions, HVAC repairs in Cary involve ice on the refrigerant line; we check the Freon level and remove the ice on the coil. We make sure that you get an HVAC discount for doing the HVAC system repair.

Raleigh Commercial HVAC

Cary and Raleigh commercial HVAC units may have low Freon charges with no cooling. When there is no air out of the vent, we just go up on the roof to find out why. When the temperature doesn’t lower to the set temperature, we use our Freon gauges. If the fan constantly runs without cooling then, sometimes commercial clients in Raleigh need an HVAC fan motor replacement. Air Heat Raleigh has efficient Commercial HVAC repair.

HVAC Maintenance

We meet HVAC maintenance needs in Cary when the HVAC stops cooling. Your HVAC electrical fan may need a new capacitor, fan motor or thermostat. HVAC maintenance is necessary in Cary because of the heavy work load on your HVAC system.

HVAC Tune Up

HVAC discounts are available to Cary and Raleigh homeowners for HVAC tune ups. Air Heat Raleigh HVAC thermostat, electrical repairs, switches and relays must operate correctly. We offer HVAC zone system diagnosis because many of the homes are split level. We check the heating air from your Raleigh HVAC condenser or the cold air inside your Cary home.

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Raleigh Commercial HVAC

Air Heat Raleigh can meet your HVAC service needs.