AC Thermostat Repair

Raleigh Air Conditioning Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that activates the heating and cooling system when the ideal temperature varies from its setting. Raleigh and Cary residents that need a thermostat replacement will notice the HVAC unit won’t shut off, the air is blowing hot or the temperature doesn’t lower to the set temperature. AC thermostats tell the air conditioning equipment to run and shut off.

Thermostat Replacement

Air Heat Raleigh Air Conditioning thermostat replacement and air conditioning thermostat repair are our specialties. We can diagnose your Raleigh HVAC thermostat and low voltage AC thermostat communication circuit. Your air conditioning unit may not have an AC thermostat problem. Air Heat Raleigh heating and cooling repairs allow you to benefit from your HVAC manufacturer’s warranty.

Types of Raleigh HVAC Thermostats

There are several different types of Raleigh HVAC thermostats used to keep you cool. Raleigh HVAC systems use AC, air conditioning and AC unit thermostats. Split air conditioners are wired a little different from HVAC thermostats. Raleigh Heat Pump thermostats must be able to do multiple functions. We replace a Cary resident’s AC thermostat, AC coil or HVAC compressor.

Raleigh AC Thermostat Service

A homeowner has a choice of Air Heat Raleigh HVAC thermostat services when the thermostat is blank. Air Heat Raleigh AC thermostat replacement installs five wires and the HVAC thermostat settings are calibrated for you. A Raleigh split air conditioner thermostat needs to operate the furnace, too. We offer the seven wire Raleigh Heat Pump thermostat replacements to keep you warm or cool.

Thermostat Troubleshooting

During the Winter, a Raleigh heat pump thermostat must be able to make the condenser go into defrost. Your condenser can make a loud noise at the same time, the Raleigh heat pump thermostat controls the electric heat inside the AC. Sometimes people think their thermostat won’t let the heat pump shutting off. A gas furnace thermostat in Raleigh can use batteries with or without a neutral wire.

Raleigh Gas Furnace Thermostat

A furnace usually requires a basic five wire gas furnace thermostat to regulate the heat and activate the split air conditioning system. A short delay is programmed into the gas furnace thermostat but if the furnace keeps blowing without heating then call Air Heat Raleigh. A thermostat communicates with the furnace board when the unit won’t turn on or the house doesn’t heat up. Once the diagnostic check is concluded, the gas furnace thermostat sends a signal to the furnace to begin heating your home.

Raleigh Nest Wi-Fi Thermostat

Customers like the convenience and remote features of the Nest thermostat. They can control their thermostat from different locations and use the internet to send Wi-Fi signals to their AC. Some issues can be that the fan keeps running, the screen is blank or the outside unit won’t come on. During the air conditioning Nest thermostat replacement, Air Heat Raleigh needs to be involved.

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