Raleigh and Cary HVAC Service


HVAC is an abbreviation of the words heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The term does not clearly define all HVAC systems. For example, you may have a split air conditioner and a furnace. This type of HVAC unit has three pieces of heating and air conditioning equipment. On the other hand, you could have an HVAC package unit. It contains all of your heating and air components with the exception of the duct work.

Raleigh HVAC Service

The beltline makes it easier for Air Heat Raleigh to do residential HVAC service in Cary and Durham. HVAC service in Raleigh and Cary is unique because we find Freon lines freezing up; as a result, we offer you an HVAC coupon to repair the problem. HVAC air conditioning repair in Raleigh is necessary because sometimes you have no cold air on a hot summer day.

HVAC Repair Cary

Air Heat Raleigh checks your HVAC warranty so that you will save some money on you HVAC repair. Sometimes, HVAC units in Cary and Raleigh have a fan that won’t come on so we check the HVAC capacitor. On other occasions, HVAC repairs in Raleigh and Cary involve ice on the refrigerant line; we check the Freon level and remove the ice on the coil. We make sure that you get an HVAC discount for doing the HVAC system repair in Cary and Raleigh.

Durham Commercial HVAC

Durham, NC has many commercial air conditioning units off of Highway 40. This makes doing Commercial HVAC repair in Durham much easier. When there is no air out of the vent, we just go up on the roof to find out why. Commercial HVAC calls in Durham might involve looking at a gas furnace or a split air conditioner. Air Heat Raleigh goes to Durham and does commercial HVAC.

Cary HVAC Maintenance

We meet HVAC maintenance needs in Cary by doing HVAC diagnostics in many types of homes. Your HVAC electrical fan may be operating inside of a single HVAC unit to air condition both floors of your Cary home. HVAC maintenance is necessary in Cary because of the heavy work load on your HVAC system.

Raleigh HVAC Tune Up

HVAC discounts are available to Cary and Raleigh homeowners for HVAC tune ups. Air Heat Raleigh does HVAC electrical repairs on switches, relays and thermostats. We offer HVAC zone system diagnosis in Cary and Raleigh because many of the homes are split level. We check the heating air from your Raleigh HVAC condenser or the cold air inside your Cary home.

HVAC repair service in Cary
HVAC Repair Cary
Durham Commercial HVAC services
Durham Commercial HVAC

Air Heat Raleigh can meet your HVAC service needs.