Heating Repair

Heater Repair

Air Heat Raleigh gets heating calls from Apex for heat service, Cary for furnace repair and Morrisville for heat pump maintenance. When cold air is coming out of the registers, Air Heat Raleigh repairs your furnace and split air conditioner as efficiently as possible. Apex heater repairs are done by a heat service professional who worked for four of Raleigh’s leading HVAC service companies.

Heating Maintenance

It is critical to change your filters during the winter heating season because your furnace can overheat and shut off during the night. A heat pump can fail due to low Freon or a faulty fan motor. A furnace can have an air flow issue or a faulty HVAC part. Air Heat Raleigh heating maintenance insures that your heating and air conditioning keeps you warm on the coldest nights.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps in Morrisville deliver heat through Freon and electricity. A Morrisville heat pump preventative maintenance gives you peace of mind before the winter begins. Air Heat Raleigh checks your HVAC systems defrost board, thermostat and capacitor. It is not uncommon to see ice on an HVAC coil in Morrisville; therefore, we check your Freon and evaporator coil.

Heating and Air

Many homes in Raleigh have a split air conditioner and furnace. Air Heat Raleigh heating and air conditioning repairs are needed when your HVAC system won’t start. If you need an HVAC compressor or blower motor then, we will use factory heat pump parts. A Raleigh furnace owner can call us for a discounted heat exchanger or defrost board replacement. Air Heat Raleigh can help you when you need a heating and air conditioning repair.

Furnace Repair

A Cary furnace is an efficient heating and air system to own; however, a gas furnace must be maintained to prevent carbon monoxide hazards. Air Heat Raleigh does Cary furnace safety inspections and heat checkups. We look for furnace heating errors and make sure that it will not shut off while it is running. We may recommend a heating install in Cary if your furnace is too dangerous to operate.

Heating repair Raleigh
Heating Repair Raleigh
Furnace Repair Cary
Furnace Repair Cary

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