HVAC Compressor

An HVAC compressor is an electrical motor that is located inside the outdoor HVAC unit. It pushes Freon throughout a heating and cooling system. The HVAC compressor is energized when the thermostat sends low voltage to a contractor in the outdoor heat pump.

AC Compressor Failure

An air conditioning compressor can stop working when it gets low on Freon. Sometimes, a faulty breaker will keep it from working. Occasionally, a bad contactor can block the voltage from reaching the HVAC compressor. At other times, heavy usage due to a dirty condenser coil can burn the motor up. Finally, Air Heat Raleigh’s HVAC Service can resolve your AC compressor failure.

Heat Pump Compressor Maintenance

The compressor is one of the most vital parts of an HVAC unit, so it makes sense to do an HVAC maintenance on the heating and air system. Many times while doing the commercial heating repair, we find that the heat pump compressor replacement is covered under the parts warranty. Air Heat Raleigh goes out of our way to help a customer do her heat pump compressor maintenance.

HVAC Compressor Replacement

Air Heat Raleigh will properly diagnose the cause of the compressor failure during the HVAC service call. If we can repair any damaged parts to get the HVAC compressor running again then, we will do it for you. In the event that you need a compressor replacement, we will save you money with an HVAC repair.

AC compressor failure
AC compressor failure
HVAC compressor replacement
HVAC compressor replacement

We check your warranty before the compressor replacement